School and student groups

Everyone loves dressing up

The Teign Heritage Centre offers an education service to groups of all ages.We are open for group bookings throughout the year.

The Heritage Centre has been designed to appeal to children, with many hands-on objects and interactives, and to support the National Curriculum.

Our education service encourages the use of investigative skills and the imagination.

A visiting teacher said: ‘We were greeted and looked after so warmly… the colourful work-cards helped them to look much more closely at the exhibits and the interactives were very popular. Very many thanks for putting so much thought and work into our visit and for giving children a lot of educational fun.’

We can cater for:

  • early years settings
  • primary school groups
  • secondary school groups
  • College and University students
  • adult education parties
  • overseas students
  • home-educated children

We can offer:

  • community education
  • visits to pre-school groups
  • workshops of particular topics for primary children (including a Powerpoint presentation, living history characters and group activities such as handling objects, tailor-made worksheets, songs stories and dressing-up)
  • free preliminary visits for group leaders and teachers
  • worksheets
  • object handling activities
  • talks about the collections
  • student placements
  • workshops and special events

Topics we offer:

We can mix and match workshops to suit you. Most sessions adopt a cross-curricular approach with songs, poems and drama where applicable.

  • Teignmouth Timeline – follow the Timelord through this local audience-friendly trip through Teignmouth’s history highlights.
  • 1690 – the invasion and destruction of Teignmouth by the French
  • Victorian / Edwardian times, in particular, at home, at play, at school and at the seaside
  • The Church Rocks Wreck from Tudor times – from Blue Peter to Timeteam. Handle real objects from the wreck, try out indoor beach combing for beach archaeology. Smell the real pitch used to waterproof the ship.
  • Teignmouth & Shaldon in World War 2
  • Get the message – communications through the ages. Have a go at semaphore, morse-code; ships flags; lights; signs; symbols and calligraphy
  • The story of Willow Pattern – an introduction to archaeology through storytelling, art, puppets and pottery
  • Shipping on the Teign and on the high seas – life as a sailor; sea shanties; knot tying and try out candle-powered boats
  • Lights, Lighthouses and Lifeboats. Make a day out in Teignmouth and visit the Lifeboat Station as well as the Museum
  • Dustbin Detectives – find out hands-on how historians can learn from what has been thrown away
  • The Great Fire of London – songs, stories, materials that houses were made from (including handling) and dressing-up
  • Smugglers and wreckers – local characters, tales and treasures
  • Coracles – a brief history. See examples of real coracles and find out how they are used today.


  • Schoolchildren £1 each for a group visit – unguided
  • £2 each for a guided tour with quiz sheet. Accompanying adults are free.
  • £3 for topic based interactive workshop, with handling, dressing-up and a presentation
  • Adult education groups – normal adult entry charge of £2.50 each

Any questions?

Please contact the Education Team to discuss your

Telephone: 01626 777041