Simon discovers wreck

Mysterious ship at Church Rocks

Photo of divers working on the wreck at Church Rock, Teignmouth

Divers working on the wreck at Church Rock, Teignmouth

Despite 20 years of historical and archaeological research, the origins and class of vessel onĀ the Church Rocks wreck site remains a mystery, although it certainly dates from the 16th Century. From studies so far made, the ship appears to have been two-masted, carvel built of some 100 to 200 tons and not dissimilar from the ‘Zabras’ the small fast communications and service vessels that accompanied the Spanish Armada in 1588.

In 1975, 13-year-old Simon Burton found a Venetian saker gun in shallow water about 150 metres off the Eastcliffe shore in Teignmouth. His find was the beginning of a long search into the origins of the ship, which even after all these years remain a mystery.

You can find out more about the wreck at Church Rocks by visiting the Teign Heritage Centre.