Shipping on the River Teign

An important economic activity

Shipbuilding at the mouth of the River Teign has been an important economic activity for hundreds of years. Early records show that West Teignmouth was one of the major ports on the south-west coast in the 14th century, and responded to the King’s request for ships for the invasion of France.

There were fluctuations in fortune and trade over the years, but during the Napoleonic Wars 68 vessels were built in six local shipyards.

You can find out more about shipping on the River Teign by visiting the Teign Heritage Centre.

A childrens’ workshop during an Easter School Holiday resulted in a lovely animation entitled Fish & Ships which helps to tell the story of the brave Teignmouth fishermen who made the perilous journey to Newfoundland in search of fish.  The following link will take you there.